Entry date is postponed to April 27(Japan Time). We are sorry for inconvenience. Only e-mail dated April 27(Japan Time) and after will be accepted.

Fill in the entry form downloaded from the official site and send it via e-mail to bowling@japan-sports.or.jp on and after April 27(Japan time). Entry form dated before that (date on the e-mail) will not be accepted.

Maximum number of participants will be 100 for men and 80 for women.

Visa procedure: PBA(PWBA) and KPBA bowlers will need COE to get visa at Consular’s office in their residence. The organizer will support them to get COE. Other bowlers will get a short term stay visa within 90 days.

All renewed information will be updated on the official site including hotel information, and the renewed information on the site should be considered to be informed.

*Please check entry form PDF for more information.