Preliminary Round

Each squad consists of 3 games. Bowlers can bowl as many squads as they want to bowl by registering to a vacant squad. The best three game total pins in a squad will be the bowler’s qualifying score for the main tournament.

Main Tournament


Men and women will bowl in separated divisions but in the same format.

Qualifying round

The best 16 bowlers from International Preliminary Round, the best 16 bowlers from Local Preliminary Round and following seed bowlers will bowl 5 games of Qualification.


The best 33 bowlers based on the pin-falls of the Qualification will bowl 3 games with the pin falls of the Qualification carried forward.



The best 4 bowlers based on the pin-falls of foregoing 8 games will proceed to two rounds of TV Final to be conducted in single elimination matches. Bowler No.1 after Semifinal will bowl against No.4, while No.2 against No.3 and the losers will be the 3rd positioned.

The two winners will proceed to the championship match to determine Round 1 World Open Champion and the 2nd position

Mixed Doubles Exhibition Matches

1st round

Each of the four doubles will be assigned to a lane by draw and bowl one game. 2 losing teams will be declared 3rd position.

2nd round

Two winning doubles from the 1st round will bowl one game to determine the 1stosition and 2nd position.

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